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The Plaza Hotel Las Vegas

There was only one hotel willing to take Ashley Revell's bet.

Days before Ashely's adventure, a major casino cancelled on him. They didn't want the potential bad publicity, if he lost it all. Or maybe they didn't want to be a part of one man risking his entire life savings, over $136,000, in a rented tuxedo. But the Plaza Hotel in downtown Las Vegas said yes. Although at the time, their maximum bet was $3,000 for even money on a roulette wheel. For Mr. Revell, they upped the ante to over $136,000.

Here's exactly how it happened:

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The ball landed on Red 7 and Ashley doubled his money, according to Roulette Star. He tipped the croupier $600, and took his winnings: Over $270,000 US. Revell had doubled his money by betting on red. How did he decide? Revell told The Sun

"By the time I got to the table I didn’t have a clue which way I’d bet. I hoped I’d have some divine inspiration. The first thing that came into my head was red. When it landed on red number seven, the crowd exploded. Once I’d come down from the overwhelming joy of it all, it was only then I realised I’d been a bit stupid." While some thought his big gamble was a mad bet, others were impressed with Ashley's willingness to go all in.

During his preparation for his Las Vegas trip, Revell met his future wife, Tamara. And after the insanity at the Plaza, he was contacted by none other than Simon Cowell (America's Got Talent, American Idol, and various other shows in the US and UK).  Cowell launched a game show based on Ashley's experience, called simply Red or Black. At the time the series launched, its budget was £15 million - the most expensive game show in British television history. The series lasted for a year on England's ITV. 

After he won big, the Plaza Hotel offered to let him try again, and double his money. But Revell said no, and took his earnings to find new opportunity.

Ashley Revell

Ashley Revell

Images courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and Flickr

Ashley Revell - Roulette Wheel

After the big gamble, Revell returned home to England. At age 48, he's a father (his daughter's name is Scarlett - of course). He still plays poker, but now, his bets are a lot smaller than before.  

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